To those disgruntled,

I will poach you and your worthwhile coworkers from jobs you hate to create a new, better company we all own.

Larry Wildman

Larry Wildman, with a name based on a Wall Street character, is any angel investor willing to take good people away from poor management.

The entire process is completely anonymous until a deal is made.
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Organize.Build your team of worthy coworkers and list your business profile.
Negotiate. Larry Wildmans discover your profile and negotiate with you anonymously.
Collaborate. Finalize negotiations, get seed money, and start a new company together.
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This is an example profile you'd submit anonymously, allowing Larry Wildmans to view and gauge their interest.

This Is A Wake Up Call.

Can the majority of businesses survive without listening to their employees? Would automation be enough to continue day-to-day operations if half of their key mid-level employees got up and walked out - not to strike, but to start over in the same vertical - with backing - to become competition?

Employers and those people making decisions need to wake up. If you think you're safe, you're not talking to your employees launch.

Organizer Questions

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    How anonymous is my information?

    Unless you, as an organizer, would actively submit something enough to give away the business personnel you actually represent, you are completely anonymous. We only allow account creation via third-party email providers (no work emails) and even then any contact between a Larry Wildman and you is done through the service so nobody receives the signup address unless you give it to an interested Larry Wildman.

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    How do I know my identity is safe?

    Both you and the Larry Wildmans you negotiate with are anonymous until the decision is made to discuss without anonymity. At this time, each party will be required to sign an NDA allowing each party's identity be released to the other and that neither shall be able to discuss these negotiations outside of the signees unless both parties have agreed upon it.

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    Why would I risk my position to start something new?

    Your happiness, for starters.

    2 in 3 employed adults would take a pay cut to be happy at work. - launch

    There's too much money flowing to the top and you're getting very little of it.

    "Teldar paper has 33 vice presidents each earning over $200,000 dollars a year. Now, I have spent the last two months analyzing what all these guys do, and I still can't figure it out." - Gordon Gekko play_circle_outline

    CEOs take on average 204 times more home than their average worker (not to mention golden parachutes built into contracts regardless of performance). It's time to stop being a number, a cog in someone else's wheel.

    The average person dislikes their job, not because of the work itself, but because of the management and direction their employer is moving (Gallup poll of 150,000 workers).
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    How can I be confident enough to ask other coworkers?

    Most people have their level of job satisfaction written on their face, in their words, or through their actions. If you can't be sure about somebody, wait to ask them. Ask the ones you know with confidence first and keep building out from there.

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    What if my employer finds out?

    Honestly, they would definitely NOT be happy; however, intimidation or firing based on talks of organization is illegal. And in a glass half-full scenario, it may just open up a dialog to make beneficial changes for you and your coworkers.

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    What if I think the Larry Wildman I am negotiating with is my boss?

    We safeguard against this. All Larry Wildmans are vetted and must prove their identity. Though anonymous to you, if you suspect you are talking to your boss, you may, as an organizer, provide the boss's name and we will confirm only the name you provide. If it's a successful confirmation, you may choose to end the negotiation with this Larry Wildman. All records of negotiation are maintained only as long as both parties wish to continue. Only if a successful negotiation is met and NDAs are signed will the negotiations be released to both parties. All other unsuccessful negotiations are removed from the service entirely.

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    Why not just start my own thing without Larry Wildman?

    Do it if you can! Larry Wildman is for people looking for backing to start a new company where they have in-depth knowledge of a specific niche business. If you're looking to change careers, have backing/money to start your own business, or want to create a startup in an entirely new direction, Larry Wildman is not for you.

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    What if a Larry Wildman doesn't back us?

    Simply remove your anonymous business profile and look inward to your team. Maybe together you can build something while working your full-time positions. Your biggest risk is not to try.

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    How do I know the Larry Wildman I begin negotiations with is for real?

    Each Larry Wildman, while still anonymous on the site (you will see the first name and first letter of their last name), is vetted, ensuring they are who they say they are and have access to the necessary backing you'll need for a new venture. They won't have the ability to see your profile without it.

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    What kind of information should I have?

    You can look at it like this: whatever skills you've acquired and information you could take with you if you'd apply for a similar job is fair game. You may not provide any information which infringes on any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, right of publicity, or other proprietary right of any party. You would/should not be here if you signed a non-compete for your current position (and should hope for this to happen).

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    What if I can't get enough personnel commitments?

    Start with what you have. If you've got a good base, holes can be filled. If you have potential, the Larry Wildmans will see it and guide you through your next steps.

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    When can I begin?

    Now! Get your information together. Decide who you'd like to take with you. Be ready to hit the ground running to find your Larry Wildman.

Larry Questions

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    Why would I want people who aren't loyal?

    This isn't about the antiquated concept of company loyalty. When companies used to recognize the value in individuals rather than throughput or the next best thing, that's when people would work for the company. This is a question about people not wishing to follow failing leadership or a potentially enacted attempt at change management. Followers aren't leaders and someone organizing on Larry Wildman is a potential leader.

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    What kind of businesses are we looking for?

    Larry Wildman is not trying to take on unicorns or megacorporations. Our target is smaller to mid-sized companies with annual sales of less than $100MM. There are many, many businesses in this range which can be or absolutely need an overhaul in leadership and direction.

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    What is Level II information?

    Information classified as Level II targets further each area of the business being profiled. As an example, if Level I shows a general marketing overview, Level II might show campaign projections & results, budgets, services used, etc.. Level II also pontentially provides the CVs of committed personnel. The information will still be anonymous, but it'll provide a more in-depth look at how well the organizer and his/her team understand the business they are trying to create as a new company. All information is entered as ranges, not exact numbers. You won't find any information which infringes on any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, right of publicity, or other proprietary right of any party.

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    What is involved in the vetting process?

    We'll provide interested, potential Larry Wildmans with complete details on the vetting process but basically each Larry Wildman must have capital reserves or access to them in excess of $1MM. With this, you're given access to business profiles. Your first name and first initial of your last name will become available to any organizer you begin contact with.

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    How do I know the information I am getting from an organizer is accurate?

    We ask the organizers to maintain some level or ambiguity on their actual numbers to ensure they aren't discovered by their employers. However, each Larry Wildman has the ability to contact the organizer and ask unlimited questions until they're comfortable in knowing the organizer completely understands the level of knowledge needed to pursue an agreement. Larry Wildman is only the first step in your negotiations.

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    As a Larry Wildman, do I have access to all profiles?

    Yes. You'll have access to all Level I profiles.

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    Why would I choose human resources over technological automation of the same vertical?

    You are mistaking automation for human efficiency. Many jobs can and will be automated but we'll be building towards that for years to come. It's not here now for these positions. Finding capable teams all driven towards one success is very powerful.

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    Are you limiting the amount of Larry Wildmans?

    Never. If you're interested in becoming a Larry Wildman and helping teams of good people build better businesses than the ones they wish to leave while keeping the lives, happiness, and ambitions of those teams in mind as you build them, there's always room for another Larry.

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    Why should I consider becoming a Larry Wildman?

    Henry Ford had incredible forsight with everything business, but probably his biggest accomplishment was to pay his workers enough to purchase his products, keeping them happy while decreasing turnover. Company loyalty was impressive. This shouldn't have changed in the global economy. The average worker should be happy instead of always wanting to look for a better job. People used to take pride in their work. Now they work just to eat. How much more could/would they do if they were happy? Make them happy and find out.

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    Will it work?

    Seems to be. Though these examples are on a bigger scale, these types of companies and mass employee exits will be created more and more as bad leadership is exposed.

    Disgruntled Uber employees are reportedly talking to recruiters and rival firms

    Former Tesla executives plan their own Gigafactory in Europe to bring battery cost down below $100/kwh

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    Larry Wildman was into M&A, not venture capital. Why the name then?

    Larry Wildman was an investor regardless of kind. His vested interest was not only to turn a profit, but also he wanted to turn things around, ultimately helping the people working for those companies. Larry Wildman is really an amalgamation of character and the ambiguity of the businessman in René Magritte's "Son of Man" painting (with a small helping of Hoffa in there too).

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